There’s a little USB extension lead with a side connector to which you connect the power lead. Because it does this in a fairly pretty way smoothing edges, rather than just making the pixels bigger , it uses a fair bit of CPU grunt. Software The Logitech QuickCam software’s pretty swish. This is an annoying problem for anybody who wants their camera to be truly set-and-forget. For all of these cameras, you install the software and then plug in the camera. I’ve looked at the Express before, when I compared it with a rather underwhelming D-Link camera here , but the Logitech cameras come with notably better software now so it’s worth a second, deeper look.

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This option requires no OS understanding.

LifeView USB RoboCAM #2 driver free download for windows – System – P5K

Enter the e-mail address of the recipient Add your own personal message: There isn’t one, though. It’s got by maximum resolution, it’s got a take-a-picture button on the top, and it’s got a lifevew in microphone.

Setting up The two Logitech cameras come with the same software disc, which lets you easily install the camera driver software, plus a handful of other packages. You can ubs tweak the channels as well, of course. It’s not the same unit, though.

Note also how much closer the subject seems. There’s a five volt DC output – whose purpose I’ll get to in a moment. In my camera reviews, by lifevoew way, I usually take test shots of a colourful Hoberman sphere.


Webcam comparison: Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000, Logitech QuickCam Express, Lifeview Robocam

The compensation’s pretty much bang on, too; I left it on when I shot the sample pictures later in this review. Here’s a very high light shot – now, the two extra lamps are both pointed at the target, and the flood’s not far away. Like most current webcams, it’s a one-board job, with the lens screwed onto the featureless black-cased sensor unit on one side of the PCB, and a handful of components on the other.

Only download this driver. Lifeview’s driver download page is here ; that’s on their rather unreliable Taiwanese site, though, so go to the FTP directory here if the other link’s no good. Both Logitechs can do bybut the Express doesn’t have the sensor resolution to make it look any better than by The Robocam has a hard time grabbing movies at higher resolutions, because it’s got the abovementioned dumb software that saves uncomressed video.

Give Dan some money! The instructions say you can use it to clip onto ordinary monitors, too, like this You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection, but not the monitored area – better “security camera” packages let you specify what parts of the frame they should care about.

rovocam How high a frame rate you can manage to capture therefore depends on the resolution you choose, the webcam you have, and the capture software you use. The QuickCam Pro ‘s more interesting looking. Photo Express lets you decorate images in various ways and do similar fun-for-kids sub it’s not a serious image manipulation package, but it’ll do for a lot of people. For all of these cameras, you install the software and then plug in the camera. But it does have a shutter button, and by maximum resolution, and a nice price.


The Logitech cameras have their tripod mount on the bottom of the camera ball Not a professional photo, but OK for the money. So the Express keeps that slightly fish-eye-ish look that usg screams “My lens cost less than a buck! The target was still lit a lot more dimly than it would be by direct sunlight. Lifeview Usb Robocam Y The LifeTV’s picture is by pixels in size.

The contenders Logitech have been a big name in webcams, ever since they bought the camera division of Connectix half way through The QuickCam Express is your basic egg-cam. When it’s adjusted properly, the Robocam gives better results robocqm the QuickCam Express. Direct Download Success Stats: The waves can be light or other electromagnetic radiation.