The more you share the more thought others can put into giving their thoughts in return. Not sure how accurate that is? October 9, – And as far as opinions and recommendations, I’ve always thought the more the merrier! To the OP, while I seem to be arguing with Michael, I am only doing so in reponse to what he wrote above and explaining my reasoning, background and how I arrived at my careful recommendations.

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I know McIntosh makes the MC, but I’m new to this so I have no idea how much the C50 colors the sound I heard that combo 5 states away, and no one in my area has that gear on hand. A few years ago there were so many active users that this couldn’t be an issue because you would get many diverging opinions. As I certainly share that goal when providing my own advice. I think there is a more specialized, computer-centric and larger audience there.


Someone either knows what Mac and Cary are or they don’t. Mcinhosh C50, in another upgrade over the C48, features one processor loop, which provides the addition of a 2-channel processor or record device monitor loop to the system. Unlike the C48, the C50’s remote can control music being played on any of your favorite Mac and PC audio programs. Anytime you are investing a certain amount and up, you should have the service match the level of performance and price-tag.

Third, and I have gotten this report ever since people saw me coming here. For flexibility, the C50 may be combined with multi-channel audio systems by using the Pass Through feature, which allows the stereo system to be selectively folded into a home theater system.


I miss the intellectual debates we had and am again just disappointed in the walls you are building. My job here is not to debate with anyone, but to promote the whole picture of audio system building. Now I could give you my list of components like anyone else here, but your pictures speak loudly to me and suggest that to me at least, if I were you I would start by building the parts of the audio trilogy in balance before going all in on component window shopping.

The word was “no real listeners here anymore”.

McIntosh Vacuum Tube and Solid State Stereo Preamplifiers

October 19, 5c0 C50 is the first McIntosh preamplifier to combine stereo analog sources with four assignable digital inputs. Thanks once again for arranging the tour on such short notice and for a most enjoyable audio buying experience.

TuneLand as you can see mcijtosh growing and that visable growth represents maybe a 20th of our biz, probably less actually. Credibility is something born deep inside of us that is shown and shared when we are at our very best. Credibility is not something one can sign into existence.

Audio Classics – C50

Significantly, both preamps offer six line-level analog inputs, two phono inputs one MM, one MC and a set of five digital inputs one asynchronous USB, two coax, and two optical.

Fazzini – Piantini on 7 aprile – Your either going to build your system as a method to play recordings or you mcintodh going to enter the revolving door of high end audio. This leaves me entirely out of that piece of the equation and places the OP caustic directly with the professional source Art Dudley, Stereophile.

You know this last month I’ve had 4 very POed Phile members say “what’s up with these guys”. Jan 10 – 6: It was like the hobby de-educated itself and went back to component c500 instead of system setups. Aesthetically, the C50 preamp features an inverted, polished stainless steel chassis with the iconic “McIntosh Blue” front panel output level meters and a top glass cover.


At that level; however, the differences become more and more subtle, and you need to be sure your listening room is setup properly and that you have decent cabling.

If you want to experience something interesting, join TuneLand start a thread in home audio systems mcintoh have me do a mock up of your system for free. Do you even know what the Mac sound is, past reading about it?

October 1, – However, I in fact have not listened to it and certainly wouldn’t dare guide someone to spend their hard earned money blindly. I just want to leave you and audioclassic the positive feed back but I don’t know how to do it. To your credit, I can personally tell you that your past recommendations have been of great benefit to me in many decisions and this is certainly the right time to thank you bierfeldt!

To explain, no scientist can ever know every possible contribution to each paper they write, so they liberally quote other scientists who have successfully done that piece of the work. I’d imagine it depends on both units – a tube preamp probably has moer influence than a class D amp, for example.